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Sports & Leisure Consultants

Our staff have years of experience and expertise from with the sports and leisure sector, crossing the voluntary, private and public sectors.

Their expertise ranges from operating facilities to running, working large community legacy programmes, through to major international events.

Consequently, we believe we can offer consultancy that stretches from strategic planning through to implementation, with the client knowing we have been involved in the delivery of such activities and have the practical and not just the theoretical experience.

Strategic Consultancies

The high level analytical understanding of strategic options that arise from insightful consultation and research in a range of areas from work in strategic objectives within National Governing Bodies of Sport to Regional Development Agencies and their approach to major events.

Feasibility Studies

The delivery of sound practical advice as to the feasibility of staging events, option appraisals, delivery structures and mechanisms, and their relative costs.

In major event terms, MLS are able to develop high level Economic Impact Studies of events, articulate legacy opportunities and maximise the benefit of events to the business and local communities.

Development of Business and Operational Plans

The creation of independent and robust business plans for the development of sports businesses, new projects and schemes and the understanding of how to maximise and access funding streams in the sporting and related sectors. With sport travelling across the private to voluntary continuum in almost every affect of its delivery, MLS has the expertise and experience of understanding how these can benefit organisations and how they can help leverage funding and resources.